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A beautiful blend of experience and debutant enthusiasm surrounded the team this year. The near-capacity crowds were in for a meal of rugby every week, and this flavour was a delight.

• Aleyna “Hit The Gas” Nonu was a constant threat with ball-in-hand; she had people on the edge of their seats whenever the ball was passed in her direction.

• The open running rugby suited Ivana “Ohh Na Na” Naanimotu, who often found herself on the end of a pass to cross the line, ball-in-hand, and she scored some great tries with her speed.

• Mackenzee “No-Nonsense“ Steers couldn’t miss a rip if she tried and was an example of how to get the job done on defence, week in and week out.

• Lea “Livewire” Mollgard had another great season and, if given an inch, would take a mile. Her handy turn of pace left defenders in her wake.

• Annabelle “Body-On-The-Line” McEntee specialised in the try-scoring dive when close to the line and found plenty of opportunities to put this skill to good use.

• Blake “Smiling Assassin” Macleod never complained despite facing injury late in the season, and with some nice little offloads, put others away for some great tries.

• Annabel “The Rocket” Kenrick ran all day, showing many moments of absolute brilliance. Her passionate love for the game found her at odds with officials at times; you have to break some eggs to make an omelette.

• Charlotte “Killer” Kelleher’s quiet demeanour was all part of the game plan and, if underestimated, would drop a ballet-inspired pirouette and wreak havoc on the opposition.

• Keria “The Flyer” Hodson all too often found herself in a tonne of space and, as a result, came to know the try line well. It will go down in history as “the great chip and chase in Glenfield” when that opposition was caught sleeping.

• Frankie “The Bone Crusher” Clewett didn’t mind the rough and tumble and was always in the thick of it when a game was tight. Big future in this sport, so watch this space supporters!

• Delilah “The Work Horse” Franich was everywhere across the paddock and got better week-on-week; that high work rate sets a great platform for her future in the game.

U11 Girls Rip Gold

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