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What a great season we have had together this year as U13 Boys Rip. A core of last year's team returned, and we welcomed new players as we faced a wide field of opposition teams, including Takapuna, our favourite matchup. Nice to take them by surprise this year, handily beating them in our first match.

What a great bunch of guys, from Joey, who manages to slip through the opposition like magic, leaving them scratching their heads. Asher, who seems to have grown an extra set of legs this season. Great to have James join the team and deliver some great runs. Jensen slotted right into the team, developing solid handling skills, as did Caleb, who quickly proved his ability to contribute. Carlos, so good to have you with us this year. Another great season watching you carve up the field. Riley took no time to come up to speed, some memorable full-field sprints to the try line. Fraser, adding flair and morale, and mighty Leo, bravely taking up the challenge. Lastly, Luke had a strong season, side-stepping his way to the try line.

Throughout the season, it's been rewarding to see the boys improve their skills, face adversity against hard teams, win victories, spectacular tries and heroic saves. Being there together for the ups and downs of what I think has been the best season for our team.

Special shout out of gratitude to Keeley, our star manager, thank you it makes all the difference in sharing the work.

Hope you have all had some great fun out there. It's been a pleasure … look forward to seeing you next year.

U13 Boys Rip Maroon

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