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These girls are Gold. This team are a melting pot of newbies, ex-tackle and experienced Rippa players. They formed a team supportive of each other and loved the fun of the game. The season finished on the same note as it began, fun!

All of these girls brought something of their own to the team. Sophia, the fabulous ripping and try scoring machine, 100% effort every game. Sienna, a consistently strong player who made big breakaway tries and countless rips, displayed good leadership. Billie, the speedy sideline sprinter, scoring ties from almost the far end of the field! Hannah, with her big boot-kicking skills and wiggly dodging, took the ball to the line to score great points. Bianca (Binky) is great at trying to read the game, kicking the ball on the last rip, creating space for our girls to grab it and score. Edie is a brilliant centre, catching the ball and feeding it out to the wing while communicating to the team, an enthusiastic leader. Dharkota a busy rippa, supportive player, shared positive vibes for everyone. Zoe W, new to rugby, fitted in well, learnt quickly and was always in hot pursuit of the next rip. Olivia made a great halfback in lineouts, scrums, and big kickoffs and showed clean skills to create great teamwork. Zoe B has a great defence with frequent ripping attacks and lengthy sprints with the ball down the sidelines to the try line. Addison, a quiet assassin, perfectly timing her moves, getting the much-needed rip or ball over the line or to the outfield. Lexi’s ball interceptions and big kick-offs led to breakaways for the team to score with high fives and big smiles. Isla-Coco, a very strong rippa and try scorer, came out of nowhere to plant the pill square on the try line effortlessly.

Thanks to Cody Beale for his time to coach the girls, Rennae Corner for being our ref, Kim Hopper for her sub coordination, Karin Adelinger-Smith for statistics and the lovely parents for their encouragement.

U13 Girls Rip Gold

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