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We got to play rippa for a full season! We had 8 returning players, a couple of friends and a fearless, loud and fun new young lady burst into the team.

This year has seen the girls learn new skills and strategies involved in playing rippa, and with 1100 defensive rips and 141 tries, it was a turnaround season with many of our team moving up a grade.

A huge thank you to Chris from the team and the parents. His way of coaching, providing support and guidance and then gentle encouragement that has seen them develop in skills and teamwork. The families involved, parents, brothers, sisters and grandparents, are amazing supporters, and I know have loved watching our team progress from fast to fast and skilled. Like all teams we have been hit with illnesses and injuries, our teammate Jess (the longest serving Cote player in the team) missed half the season after an injury but has supported from the sidelines.... and standout Kayla, who didn't miss a game.

We all love being part of this little family and can't wait for next season, especially the hill sprints for all the opposition tries, right girls!?

U15 Girls Rip Gold

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