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This team has been around for many years now. They may not think it, but as we watch them now, we are really amazed about how far they have come. We watch them execute and make good decisions on the field. They pull out some individual brilliance as well as fantastic team plays to score tries and defend their line. At times you feel like you’re watching an elite group of players.

This year has been significant in the fact that these girls are grownups now. They have expectations of themselves, and they know the rules. Boy, do they know the rules. It used to be one or two of them who would point out when the ref got it wrong. Now it’s only one or two of them that don’t. I have had to alter a few calls this season after some valid points were brought to my attention.

This growth has been a real factor in our desire to continue to coach, manage, referee and be involved in the team. Despite our sighs and rolling eyes, the frank discussions about how to start a game, we would miss not being involved with this group of girls. It’s going to be hard when it comes time for them to leave the nest.

But it’s not just the girls that make the team great to be involved in, it’s their parents too. Their support and presence, laughter, sighs and rolling eyes. It all makes for a fun and enjoyable Saturday morning.

Darrin, Andrew, Kelly

U15 Girls Rip Maroon

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