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Reflecting on the 2022 season, I’m excited to say I’ll do that again. First time coaching being rewarded with a decent bunch of lads all willing to learn, support and get stuck in enjoying each time we practiced and played.

Starting off rusty (myself inclusive) with most of the team as new players, the incremental improvements seen across the whole team week by week were showcased in their commitment, understanding of the rules, their ripping, passing, running and overall enjoyment and confidence of participating together as a team. Yes, there were a couple of boys that had played a season or two that were obliged to help their teammates where they could.

We were a team of few numbers, often having no subs. That didn’t deter the boys. The way they celebrated the tries and rips not only of their team but the opponent’s team was extremely satisfying not only to myself but to the parents watching.

Interestingly it was the result of the games as the season progressed that the boys were asking during and after the games as they became more competitive.

A massive shout out to all involved, and let’s see what the 2023 season brings.

U9 Boys Rip Maroon

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