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The Cyclones had a great season of rippa for 2022. We had a large squad of 13 players, 9 of who were new to the Club and the game.

The girls quickly got up to speed with their understanding, knowledge and skill required of the game with our infamous tackle bag, hill sprints, diving on loose balls and bullrush training down in "The Pit".

The Cyclones had a really good balance of being hungry for the try line, hungry for rips ("if rips, not in your hand....... ") and hungry for half-time oranges.

Season highlights would be playing at Eden Park, playing under lights at Northcote, and every Cyclone player scoring tries!

Shark Attack was our defensive strategy run by a vicious central defence of Zara, Maisie, Willa, Emelia, Lilly, Charlie and Greta.

Holding our position on the wing was key, and Indie, Hazel, Florentina and Taylor became experts in not allowing the opposition to run around us.

Every defence needs a safety net in case the banks burst, and our fullbacks Georgia and Jessie-Rose made sure to ruin any opportunities the opposition had to score.

A massive thanks to Craig and Gareth for coaching, reffing, organising Eden Park and always being there to help the girls. Thanks to Fiona for sorting out the prizegivings and Luci for running the subs.

And to all the parents, grandparents, siblings and dogs that showed up week in, week out, probably more excited about the game than the girls, thank you for all your support.

U9 Girls Rip Maroon

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