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If you like films that start slow and build to a dramatic crescendo, then J2 Gold is the team to watch. We love to wait until we are 2 or 3 tries down before we have our Rocky IV moment, get up from the canvas and start battering the opposition. We have risen from the ashes more times than Fawkes the Phoenix. The results table will show a mix of Ws and Ls, but regardless of the final standings, this group has entertained us wildly for the past 5 months.

We warmly welcomed a host of new players who brought well-needed skills, experience, and enthusiasm to an established side. After overcoming some serious illness and injuries (and that was just the coaching staff), we probably took to the field a little undercooked. Despite a narrow loss to Massey on day one, the team offered supporters glimmers of hope for what they could achieve. They grew every week and gifted us with lasting memories of barnstorming, battering rams, try-saving tackles, remarkable rucking, and constant camaraderie.

I’d like to thank the parents and supporters for their immaculate behaviour and unwavering cheerleading.

Thanks Paul and Eric Galopin for refereeing with aplomb. Thanks to Russell and Rachel for sharing the Manager duties, and to Susie for patching up the wounded soldiers. Thanks Graham for your help with training the troops. Special thanks as always, goes to the coaches, Matt and Gareth. You guys should be really proud of how you have developed this young and talented group.

To those year 8 players who are moving on, we thank you for your service. Stay involved in the world’s greatest game. To those who are returning next year, we go again!

J2 Gold

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