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For the fifth year in a row, we had the same group of boys turn up to play rugby, with the return of Charlie after playing up a grade for a few years. There are many advantages of having stability in the team, but perhaps the greatest is the solid friendships that the boys have built and the way that translates into how they play for, support and encourage each other.

Year-on-year, we’ve had the opportunity to see the boys develop their game and that continued this season. Individually and collectively, we saw improvements each week as the boys worked hard to thrive and enjoy their rugby. The addition of two-time All-American Jeremy to the coaching team brought structure and discipline to our game along with a number of set-piece moves, each with their own code name – wolverine, arrow, fish, jump rope, missile, go-cart were regularly heard being called out.

With more wins than losses, this group of boys have played great team rugby and together, they have produced a season that has been exciting to watch. Although it would have been nice if they didn’t always leave it to the second half to turn up the tempo!

This season brings to an end 10-a-side rugby for this fantastic group of boys. I can’t wait to see what they can do on a full-field next year.

To the parents, thank you for your continued involvement and efforts that go into making our team what it is. Thanks to Eric, our super referee who regularly refereed the games before and after ours. We really appreciate your steadfastly fair and consistent control of the game.

J3 Maroon

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