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The start of the season was somewhat of a roller coaster for the J3 White, with 3 teams combining a week out from the first game. Following a lengthy first training session involving ice blocks, we went into the first game with some confidence. After a nervous start, the combination of J3 experience as well as strong J4 Black and White teams resulted in a convincing win, setting the scene for the season moving forward.

In the following weeks of training for J3 White, it became evident that the team was forward-strong and from there, recycling the ball phase after phase and supporting the backs and ball runners became an important focus.

Highlights of the year for the team were having two Friday night games under flood lights, one against a very strong Massey team and the other against J3 Gold, who some of the team had previously played with. Both nights ended in prize giving in the club and pizza. Against the Northcote opposition, we were fortunate to have access to the changing sheds.

From a coaching perspective, the most pleasing elements of the season were firstly, the way the forwards would dominate a game and the compliments we would receive end of the game on the team's ability to retain the ball and work through the phase play. Secondly, the improvements that each individual made, not so much in their own skill, but in how to play as a team and work as a team under pressure to grind out results. Skills such as support running, offloading, speed to the breakdown and movement of the ball across all players on the pitch improved markedly from the start of the season, which will set the kids up well as they move into J2 next year.

J3 White

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