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This season started with another rebuild, with new players joining the team. Training consisted of working together, understanding the game, lots and lots of contact and we can’t forget “off you go, up the hill!” As the season progressed, the hills continued, and we began to see individuals step up, understand the game more and settle into our positions.

As the season came to a close, everything we had been learning in training began to click, and it was exciting rugby to watch. The highlight was us taking the W in the second to last game!

Player highlights: Kayden, having never played tackle making it look like this is not your first season. Carter, joining a new club, jumping a grade and just wanting to learn more and more. Vicente, setting goals and taking the hits. Luke, Jack and James, bringing your J4 knowledge into the team. Liam, making the big hits and not using your butt. Joel being the smallest in the team but being the biggest on the field. Harry, the silent slippery wing. Nate, continuing to niggle at those rucks. Marlon, a ruck and maul machine! (Also the biggest critic of ref decisions.) Harlow, learning that you are a forward and that you can make a difference. Tamatea, “Tama Time!” making those big runs through the middle. Beckham, week in and week out, making the big hits and big runs.

We would like to thank our parents and supporters for trusting us to lead these boys and being behind us 100%. We have had our ups and downs this season but at the end of the day we absolutely love what we are doing and the progress we have made as a team. Bring on next season!

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