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What a year it’s been for the J6 Maroon team. As the team assembled for the first time back at the start of the season, there were a number of anxious but excited kids ready to take on their first season of tackle. At this time, it was all about building confidence and making this transition enjoyable.

All the boys and girls trained hard and readied themselves for game 1. This was a real eye-opener for all, as we had a tough day at the office against a very talented and big Massey side. Over the next few weeks, the kids started to grow in confidence and string together some really strong performances, all while having so much fun.

As the season went on, every game seemed to showcase a different player who had grown in confidence and skills, which was awesome.

We went through the season, training hard but fun on a Wednesday and then ripping into it each Saturday morning - rain, hail, or shine. The kids have had a fantastic time and have all done such an amazing job to learn and develop as rugby players. They have also created a real bond as a group, which holds them in good stead for the future. We are really excited to see what’s in store for them next year, and each and every player should be very proud of their efforts in their first year of tackle.

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J6 Maroon

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