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It was a great season for the White Tigers. We had some cubs move up from Rippa, some converting from football, and a few seasoned veterans staying on for their 2nd year of J6. It was a year of development for many, and the progression throughout the season was groundbreaking. The 29 tackles against Massey in the first game was eclipsed by the 94 tackles against Kumeu in the final few weeks of the season, with every player contributing. Tackling practice each week paid dividends on match day… as did Bull-rush for the last 15 minutes of training (and no broken bones too!). It’s a shame the season has come to an end, as the players are working so well together and really enjoying their footy.

The team had an even share of wins and losses, with some very tight margins - the highlight being a tight 18-16 loss against a Silverdale team, who’d blitzed every other team by 20 tries. Their coach was beaming after the game as our boys had them on the ropes until the last few minutes. Generally, the opposition teams and supporters have been great, and it’s rewarding for our players and supporters to be part of a friendly and supportive rugby community.

A big shout out to the group of supportive and encouraging friends and family who were there week-in week-out. The noise on the side line, although deafening at times (you know who you are!), helped motivate and encourage our boys to perform to their potential… and keep our ref on his toes. Thanks to those who assisted with subbing, scoring, coaching, and even finding replacement boots after 2 pairs disintegrated in one game – you wouldn’t read about it.

The players have everything in their toolkit now to progress to the next level of their game. We’re looking forward to building and developing the team next year.

J6 White

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