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This season saw last year's Maroon team return for another year in the maroon and gold. We were joined by 3 new players who brought a wealth of skill to the team. We had a great talent base to work with from within the team, and each player brought their own unique set of skills, discipline, and talent to the team.

We worked hard continuing to develop our ripping game, which really paid off with over 600 rips made this season.

Passing was also something that started to flow. The offloads our young players managed were something to admire and resulted in over 230 tries. What a team!

The highlights of our season were the Snow White Tournament, with only one loss to the eventual winners, and finally beating the previously unbeaten Northcote White in our final game against them.

The confidence of the players increased over the season, with linking passes, superb support play, diving rips, finding the gaps, epic tries, and turnovers becoming regular events in our games.

The support of our team was outstanding, with all whānau being involved in working with the team in some way over the season. Our team's success is due, in part, to our tight-knit support network, along with the passionate and knowledgeable coaching team.

It was great to see the friendships develop over the season. This group loves playing together in the maroon and gold and are ready for their first taste of tackle next season.

J7 Maroon

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