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With the full complement of players returning this year, plus the addition of Zarius’s familiar face, we had a great foundation to build upon this season. One thing that was very clear was the increased confidence that all our players showed right from the very first game. The team gelled, and it was as if there had been no break at all between the J8 and J7 seasons.

We had terrible luck with the weather this year, and our opportunities to train were more limited than we would have liked. We continued to focus primarily on our defence, with subtle variations added in for the players to contemplate. Throughout the year, the team demonstrated these learnings to great effect, with 6 rip turnovers being a key component of our game.

Our attack has always been competitive, but the most pleasing aspect this year has been the desire that all the kids showed to support the ball carrier. Our biggest issue wasn’t not having someone to pass to, it was having to choose which of the supporting players to pass to. A tough problem to have, I know, bodes well for tackle next year.

Attitude and culture make great teams, and I am proud of the way that our young team represent themselves, our team, and the club. Never do they complain, ask about the score or if they won the game, they simply go about their business the only way they know how, and enjoy every minute of it. We are tremendously lucky to have a fabulous team of parents and supporters who do nothing but encourage each and every one of our players, game after game.

A big thank you to Alex, our manager extraordinaire who did a fabulous job managing our team in her first time up to bat. Thanks also to Jeremy and Paul for taking on the whistle, undoubtedly the hardest job on the field.

So, another great season comes to an end, and I know that the team are ready and super keen for the step up to J6 tackle rugby next year. Bring on 2024.

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