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It has been an exceptional season for the mighty J8 Gold team, filled with memorable moments and remarkable performances. With a perfect blend of fresh talent and experienced players, our team truly made its mark on the field.

Our older players showcased outstanding skills throughout the season, serving as role models for their teammates. Aria Brand's incredible speed proved to be a constant challenge for opposing defences, leaving them struggling to keep up with her pace. Kahu Benefield's exceptional side-stepping abilities and lightning-fast acceleration made it nearly impossible for defenders to catch him. Tama Peters emerged as a star, demonstrating his mastery of the breakdown, securing the loose ball and orchestrating pivotal offloads that became a key element of the J8 Gold game.

On the defensive end, Caleb Davy and Charlie Ferens were an impenetrable force. Their relentless ripping skills and ability to hit the hip and rip the tag from opponents were unmatched. Additionally, they showcased their prowess with the ball in hand, establishing a seamless connection with their teammates to finish off plays.

Let's not forget our youngest players, Mac Jones, Bodhi Wolf Vao, Remy Tuhaka, Archer Davy, and George Donnan. Not only did they dominate the halftime oranges, but these four-year-olds demonstrated incredible growth and confidence throughout the season, promising a bright future for the Northcote Rugby Club.

Overall, it has been a season filled with lots of fun, triumphs and growth. We are all immensely proud of the mighty J8 Gold team.
Coach Duncan

J8 Gold

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