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Entering the season as defending champions, the team had high expectations despite some key players leaving. The challenges were evident from the get-go, with injuries leading us to often tap into our alumni for support. Nonetheless, the team navigated these obstacles admirably.

Captain Josef Foley provided consistent leadership, maintaining focus and morale throughout the season. The coaching staff, led by Trevor Snookes and assisted by Jason Alexander and Mark Chadwick, reinforced a resilient and positive team culture.

As the season progressed, signs of improvement were clear. While we didn't get a chance to defend our title, the team's upward trajectory left us wondering what could have been if we had just a bit more time.

Though we didn't reach the finals, the season had its own set of victories. We strengthened our team culture, built resilience, and gained valuable experience that will serve us well in the future. The team is optimistic about what's ahead and is well-positioned for success in the next season.

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