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Coaches Rhaul Das, Joe Kurukaanga and Mike Noble were back to make up the coaching team for 2023. They were assisted by Team Manager Brad Boult, Physiotherapist Dominic Roe, and Trainer Finlay Barnett, both of whom were new to the Club. The team was captained by Danny Drake.

The season proper started on 1 April with a win over Takapuna at Onewa Domain to take home the Fletcher Cup and ended on 8 July with a semifinal loss to North Shore, resulting in an overall season ranking of 4th. In between, there were 14 games with 9 wins, 5 losses, and 344 points scored for, and 184 points scored against.

During the season 43 players wore the Premier jersey for the club, with 17 playing their first game for the Premier 1 team, including Joshua Anderson, Rhys Brodie, Harry Carter, Bryn Gordon, Tony Hsiung, Tatto Katsuta, Siosfa Kava, Jared Leef, Kolio Lemalu, Tomoki Nobeta, Sioeli Vaka, Paula Veilofia, and Whitoria Haku.

One of the reasons we are all here is to develop players and help them achieve higher honours. This year the following players did so: Shaun Stevenson (All Blacks and North Harbour NPC), Luteru Tolai (Manu Samoa), Bryn Gordon, Henry Taefu, Karl Ruzich, Nic Mayhew (North Harbour NPC), Danny Drake (Southland NPC), Brook Robson, Dylan Chesney, Jack Bergin, Jayden Marsters, Micah Aish-Gillard, Rhys Brodie, Ryan Kennedy, and Tim Vidiri (North Harbour Development).

At the end of season prizegiving, Joe Kurukaanga, Mike Noble and Brad Boult were presented Northcote blazers in recognition of their 3 years or more involvement with the Premier team. After 19 years with the Cote, Joe Kurukaanga decided to retire from coaching at the end of the season. Joe is a fine Cote man who will be missed by the Premier 1 team and the Club.

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