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It was looking likely the U18 Girls' team wouldn’t come together as a team, as there were no options for a coach to lead the team. Fortunately, Les Adams decided to put up his hand into his first foray into coaching. With the wisdom from Bevan Williamson in his ear, he took to the role with enthusiasm. Les's largest challenge wasn’t training drills or tactics but getting the girls to be quiet for 5 mins to follow instructions!

The season got off to a strong start, showing the strength and skills of four years of playing together as a team. Unbeaten after six games, we came up against a very strong Silverdale team to our first defeat of the season. This team would be our nemesis, ultimately winning two of three games, which were our only losses of the season.

A special shout out and thanks to those who helped ref during the season, Bevan Williamson, Darrin Robertson, Chattie (Andrew Chatfield), Tony Woodbury, and Harry Carter. Thanks to all the supporters and parents for wrangling the girls and being a great group of supporters on the sidelines.

Overall, it was an incredibly successful season, filled with fun, tries, rips and rugby played in great spirits.

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