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Help Out

90 years of history is a long time. Do you have part of it sitting at home or in your head?

"You can't play rugby!" That's how this all started. This was how my daughter reacted when I mentioned that I played. So out came the old photos and scouring the club walls for proof that not only did I play but that I also wasn't too bad.

We have now created a place to store, relate and record the people that are involved in the club each year.

The goal of this club project is that when our kids grow up they can show their kids their days at the club.

There are also dozens of people around even today that have a long history with the club putting in time and in some cases, with shovel in hand, digging out the foundations of our club rooms. So this also for them to acknowledge and appreciate all that they have done.

If you have any team photos, team write ups, newspaper articles we would love to get hold of them.

How can you help

Look up your old teams, find photos and read through the clubs history and let us know if we are missing any names or anything incorrect. We have done our best to identify where names are spelt differently but of the same person but sometimes it just a best assumption. We particularly want to get peoples full names.

Past Players, Coachers, Managers

We want to know who you are and what you did. If it was even for just one season, that makes you part of the club history. Let us know, with your best recollection, your first year and teams you were with. Let us know who you recall playing with. We will record your participation and try and cross reference you with what we already have. 


If you have an the official team photo or general photos of a team we would love to get a digital copy.

Potentially the easiest way to do this is to take them to the 'Warehouse Stationary' (For New Zealanders) where they will scan them on their machines and can then send the digitalised image onto a memory stick or even just email it directly to us. (darrin.robertson@northcoterugby.nz)