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Cote Rugby App

The app aims to give Northcote supporters, members and management a personalised view of the club.

By selecting teams to follow or join, information will be filtered to those teams and the role the user has. (Supporter, Member/Player, Management)

The app looks to promote three goals.

  • Increase engagement and communication.
  • Improve management of club tasks.
  • Increase revenue.

Road Map

Done: July - Develop a beta
Done: September - Get feedback from screenshots
In Progress: October - Deploy the app for selected testers to use test on their devices
Next: November - Finalise changes for the initial launch to the app stores
Next: December - Invite 2023 club members to try it out
Next: December - Migrate the current old element library to a new future library.
Next: January - Make plans from user feedback for the final launch for the 2024 season


Log in or create an account using a secured third-party authentication service.

All personalised data is stored and secured. No personal data is stored on the user's device, and only limited club administrators have access to the data in the cloud. All communication over the internet is secured.



From the home screen, you can access the app's main features.
News, Events, Notifications, Chats and Teams.

You can swipe right to open the menu for settings - Profile, App Settings and Membership.


The profile allows you to manage your personal data. We collect only data that is required to run the functionality of the application to provide the user with experiences we have designed.

The App settings will allow you to turn on or off features, such as if they wish to be alerted to notifications.



Everyone starts as a Supporter and gets an identifiable barcode. In the future, this barcode can be used to track or record things when the user presents it. A loyalty schema, ticket purchases or club treasure hunt event.

Purchasing a club membership starts at $30, and you can opt to pay more if you wish to support the club.

Senior players can also use the app to pay their fees and gain their membership and access to teams.

The next step is to allow parents to pay their child junior fees.


Keep informed of all teh events that are happening in and around the club.

There are the Senior and Junior events as well as team events for each team you follow.

In a team calendar, managers can make an event for if it is a 'public' event, for example, the games each Saturday or if it is a private event like team training. Supporters and follows of the team will only see the public events while team members will also see the private events.



We have four news sources: Cote, Harbour, NZRU and the All Black.

These are pulled in daily to provide you with the latest rugby news.

You can filter the list by those four categories if you wish.

Chats & Notifications

Chats: A chat is a replica of WhatsApp or Messenger.

Every team gets two chat channels. A team channel and a management one. Only coaches and managers have access to the management chat, allowing them to talk and plan in amongst themselves. Everyone in the team is on the team chat.

Notifications: These are Push notifications sent out by the club. For example, to promote to everyone the home games on Saturday. Or a targeted notification to all Rippa team members if their Saturday games have been moved.

Notifications are a one-way channel in that people can not reply or start a conversation. They are targeted and informative.



People can choose the teams they wish to follow or join.

The manager(s) of each team control the members of their team.


The team screen has the team events, chat, and image gallery.

There is a manager message allowing the promotion of important messages.

Managers will also be able to manage events, upload images, and perform functions such as submitting an incident response.



The shop provides the ability to look at and buy any club merchandise.

The cart will handle buying multiple items, with multiple variations (size and colour, for example)

It also handles variations that have extra costs.

Future functions would include selling tickets to events.


Club admins, Junior committee, senior and junior coaches and managers.

People can look up who is who and make contact.

Actual contact details are not revealed to users.