has been added.


Log in or create an account. You are redirected to a web page that takes care of account authentication.

Your phone may ask for approval to go to this site.

When you first login you will need to update your profile and step through the application introduction slides.

When we update the app in the future (terms or application features) we can reset this so people are informed again.



From the home screen, you can access the main features. News, Events, Notifications, Chats and Teams.

You can swipe right to open a menu of settings - Profile, Settings and Membership.


For a profile, we need a person's email, name for authentication and ID. We also collect the country and city in advance as this helps make credit card purchases easier later on if required and will provide stats about who we are reaching.

App settings will allow people to turn on or off features such as if they wish to be alerted to notifications.



By default, everyone starts as a Supporter and gets a barcode. In the future, this barcode can be used to track or record things they do when they present it.

They can buy a membership. A club membership starts at $30, and they can opt to pay more if they wish to support the club. Senior players can also opt to pay them fees here as well.

The next step is to allow parents to pay their child junior fees.


Events are managed via several calendars on the website. There are Junior and Senior calendars. Any events or promotions coming up can be added here.

When a user follows or is part of a team, that team's calendar events are also listed here.

In a team calendar, events can be marked as public or private. Public supporters will see them, for example, the games. A private message is only seen by 'Members' of that team. For example, Training sessions, and team evenings.



We have four news sources. Cote, Harbour, NZRU and All Blacks. NZRU and All Blacks are automatically pulled in. Harbour could be when they set themselves up. Cote is, of course, done by us.

Users can filter the list by those four categories if they wish.

Chats & Notifications

Chats: A chat is a replica of WhatsApp or Messenger.

Every team gets two chat channels. A team one and a management one. Only coaches and managers have access to the management chat, allowing them to talk and plan in private. Everyone in the team is on teh team chat.

Notifications: These are Push notifications sent out by the club. For example, to promote to everyone the home games on Saturday. Or targeting all Rippa team members that their Saturday games have been moved.

Notifications are a one-way channel in that people can not reply or start a conversation. They are targetted and informative.



People can choose the teams they wish to follow.

Team members would first follow the team they are in, and the manager would approve them to become members of that team.

A manager of a team has teh ability to remove people from the team.


The team screen has the team events, chat, and image gallery.

There is a team message. This is to ensure the most important thing a manager wants to teh team to be reminded of is always front and present. Managers set different messages for supporters and members.

Managers will also be able to manage events, upload images, and perform functions such as submitting an incident response.



Ability to look at and buy any merchandise.

Cart th will handle buying multiple items, with multiple variations, (size, colour for example)

It also handles variations that have extra costs.


Club admins, Junior committee, senior and junior coaches and managers.

People can look up who is who and make contact.

Actual contact details are not revealed to users.



With push notifications, we can push targeted messages to users. As an example, notice to everyone about the semi-finals coming up or game results each week.

We can target notifications to all junior coaches about an event, all J5 teams about a tournament or J7 Black to let them know their game has been cancelled.