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New Life Members

Life members

NorthcoteApril 15, 2024

New Life Members announced at AGM.

A huge congratulations to our two new Life Members, Glenn Whitley and Scott Rinkin.

Glenn was nominated for Life Membership by Simon Williamson, who said that for the past 30 years Glenn has epitomised the spirit of Northcote Rugby. He has volunteered in numerous capacities, from Junior team coach and member of the Junior committee to Premier Manager, Sevens Manager, Senior Club Captain and a member of the Senior Board.

“It’s an absolute honour to be nominated as a Life Member. When I walked into the Club in 1986 I thought this is going to be the place for me,” says Glenn.

Scott was nominated for Life Membership by Peter Blackett. A member since 1978, Scott played throughout the Senior grades from u18 and u21 through to Premier 2 and Premiers and a long stint in the once buoyant Senior C grade. He continues to be one of the most passionate, loyal and generous supporters of Northcote Rugby.

“I love this Club. Our community is amazing. The strength of Northcote is that there is always someone who has your back and will support you,” says Scott.

Life Members

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