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This has turned out to be a vintage season for the boys who have had their first taste of playing in boots and on a full field. Basing our team around the more experienced players, we have been able to maintain an unbeaten record in club play throughout the season. With a points for and against record of 516/10 , the boys have acquitted themselves exceptionally well in all aspects of the game.

Jim Betteridge and Hylton Millar supplied the base of the front row with Charles Thackwell and Leone Allport supporting them well. Jim showed that he was a tiger in the tight and Hylton was never out-hooked during the season. David Crowhen and Matthew Mason challenged for the locking berth next to John Halpin, who was seldom beaten for the ball in the lineouts and gave of his all in general play. Richard Kemp, our dropkick expert, Jeremy Lane and Jeremy Watt were our flying flankers who regularly turned in top performances. Warwick Wrightson, who later moved to second-five and Glen Newman completed the pack at No 8 and both showed ability in the cover defence area.

Our captain, John Beckett, led by example in the tackling department, and also leads the scoring count with 22 determined tries. The five-eights of Nicky Turner, Ryan Hunter and latterly Warwick Wrightson, all improved throughout the season, not only with their excellent defensive positioning, but also with some good set play moves. Centre Nicholas Abbott could always be counted on for his high out put and he often set up tries for his wings, Jeremy Coleman and Tama Wharepouri. These boys often assisted the forwards when playing at blindside wing and they also had a good under standing with Bryce Chesney the fullback. As the last line of defence, Bryce was impeccable with our line being breached only twice all season.

Many thanks from the coach and manager f r the strong parental support and also for the willing assistance of Ken Freeman, both on and off the field.

Finally, I would like to congratulate the boys on their excellent turnout at both practice and weekend games, and the spirit in which they played every game.

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