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J2 Black has had a tough year. We started the season with a squad of 26 which was split into 2 teams of 13, with both required to find additional numbers to field teams. With a number of talented players and the majority having played together before, our team pattern quickly came together and we were very competitive. However, injuries to key players in key positions hurt the team and those left rallied to learn new positions, with a number of backs joining the forwards and enjoying the process. By season’s end, we often had less than 15 players available on a Saturday but still, the team gave it their all.

It has been great to see the players challenge themselves throughout the season with a lot of emphases this year spent on why we do things on the field more than the how, and this should see a lot of Rugby smart players continue to develop from the skills they have learnt this year.

Also a special mention to the parents of the team who have stepped in and helped whenever required and been the largest group of supporters on the sideline, week in and week out – regardless of the weather. We always seemed to have the most positive and supportive sideline of all the teams we played.

For those moving to College Rugby next year, we wish you all the best and hope to see you back in 5 years ready to play for the mighty Cote senior grades. For those returning next year, we look forward to working more to develop your skills and talent.

All the best – Glenn and Vicki

J2 Black

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