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Well, well, what a season 2020 has been, with more twists and turns than an episode of Shortland Street. In fact, it turned out to be one of our best seasons for a while, we found ourselves on the right side of 4 all for 7 out of our 9 games. We even got to takedown Takapuna Guerrillas on their Field 1, which was then made sweeter by watching Jimmy get both DoD and PoD for winning the toss ... or perhaps just because he turned 40!

Our numbers have continued to grow from last year and we welcomed four new players to our ranks. The unstoppable Feao, Bernie our calm and collective Italian, Gaz our leaguey who now knows what real rugby is, and finally, Mearns who has helped prop up our second row.

This year we got to take part in the first North Harbour Presidents Cup, which saw us beat the Maulers and the Grizzlies to become the first champions! We look forward to hosting this tournament next year.

Thanks to our sponsors, who even during these uncertain times have continued to support us, RYCO Hydraulics NZ, ADP Hydraulics NZ, Digmax, Takapuna Car Clinic, Highbury Butcher and Handle Solutions.

2020 has been a challenging year for us all and one most would like to forget, but we are grateful that we got to play some rugby. These doom and gloom times act as a stark reminder to us old boys on why we still take to the field. It’s definitely not for the glory, those days are long gone or never came. It’s not for the beer, although we do love it. It’s for that comradeship and brotherhood which only rugby can offer us.

Go the Cote!

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