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An unfortunate end to the season with COVID coming back did not take away from the fun we had this year as a team. There were lots of learning experiences for the players during the year and it all seemed to come together for us at the Snow White tournament. The team were so excited to make a final and the comraderies and memories that were created at the tournament are the reason we as parents love being involved.

We had a great season of learning, and we are sure everyone is looking forward to making the transition into tackle next year. The improvements from last year saw players start to understand the concept of space and being able to anticipate where the play was going to go. It was also great to see their defence improve as the season progressed with some awesome covering defence and plenty of 6 rip turnovers towards the end of the season.

It has been our pleasure coaching the team again this year. A big thank you to the parents and supporters that showed up each week and cheered passionately with encouragement for the players. We look forward to watching the team members progress in the coming years and hope they enjoyed their season at the Cote.

Truds and Glenn

J7 Black

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