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Not only was this our first year of tackle, but it was also our first year of rugby with no COVID! Player numbers were looking a little light at the start of the season, but we talked a number of rippa kids into having a go at tackle … and thankfully, they all really enjoyed the challenge of learning a new skill!

It was great to see all of the parents (and grandparents and teachers) back on the sideline and fully supportive of the team and all our players.

While all kids enjoyed running with the ball, the focus from the start was on getting the right tackle technique to ensure everyone stayed safe and enjoyed themselves. By the end of the season, we started to see some really great rugby demonstrated, including great tackles, strong ball running, some great maul pushing, awesome offloads and even some cover defence.

No one wanted the season to end, and we can’t wait to see everyone back at the mighty Cote next year for another great season of rugby in J5!

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