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This year, we took what we learnt from tackle last year and added rucks, mauls and a few specialised roles. Without complaint, everyone had a go in different positions before settling into some natural forwards and backs, with everyone learning the basics of their job by the end of the season.

While we didn’t always come out on the positive side of the scoreboard, we had a team that displayed great resilience and never gave up. The goal each week being to grow and improve on the week before and enjoy being out on the field with mates, developing a passion for the game of rugby. By the end of the season, we had some fast-running backs that used the backline and even threw in a cut here and there, and some dangerously hard-running forwards who loved the contact aspect of the game and weren’t afraid to get stuck into collisions, rucks and wrestling for the ball in mauls.

It was great to see the improvement over the year, with opposition teams often complimenting us on how well the team understood rucks and, in particular, cleaning out and always displaying great sportsmanship even when other teams did not. We were unfortunate with a few injuries, which often left us with just enough to field a team – however, the injured players continued to turn up every week to training and games to support their teammates – which was amazing to see at this age and heartwarming emotion.

The season was made immensely enjoyable because of the parents and supporters on the sidelines who encouraged everyone, supported and cheered, and all pitched in to keep spirits high. We couldn’t have done it without all the support, and hope to see both parents and players again next year.

J5 Black

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