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Women's rugby is growing, but there are still gaps in the pathway from Rip Rugby, Junior Tackle to Senior tackle.

In 2024, we are running a rugby program for college-aged girls. The program will develop and mentor them through the year as they play for their respective college teams and then, in 2025, gather together to travel to Portugal for the Rugby Youth Festival Tournament.

What does this program look like?

Women's rugby is growing in participation, skill, and visibility, but there are still gaps in the pathways for girls to start and stay in the sport.

Often, girls start playing the game in their teenage years, and this can be a big step to take on a contact sport and continue with it.

Today, the number of girls playing means that teams are limited. Other sports can have five grades between the ages of 13 and 18. Girls rugby has two.

When it comes to leaving school and going to clubs, it's common that the only option is the open women's team, and that can be a big step up.

“We Take your strengths and make them a superpower.”
Coaches Plan

The program is for girls who wish to learn, play, and develop their rugby. This may be their first year, or they may have a few years of rugby behind them or want to return to playing the game.

We will come together each month, work, and train as a team. One of our key mantras is 'training smarter, not harder'. We focus on correct skill techniques and reasoning to ensure the players can play the game safely and effectively. And look at what we are doing on the field and how to work as small teams to create large results.

Throughout the year, we will help players individually outside of the group environment. If they want to improve a skill or are having trouble with their school team, we will be there to help guide them through and keep them engaged.

The BIg Dance

In April 2025, we will travel to Portugal to play in the Rugby Youth Festival tournament.

This tournament attracts 120 teams, and it will be in its 17th year, where we will be entering the 15-a-side U19 Girls competition.

This will allow us to bring all our learnings together as one group of like-minded players and experience the unique environment of a travelling sports team.

The tour will start by landing in Paris, where we will take the train to the south of France to play a warm-up match. From there, we will travel to Lisbon and the tournament, where we will pair up with a 'sister' team.

With our sister team, we will train together, share a meal and look to support each other during the tournament.

More Details

It's time to commit.

If you wish to participate in the program, now is the time to register your commitment.
When you register, you will be sent details to organise your initial deposit of $500 and monthly payments of $100.

The player's money will be put aside at the start, and you will be informed before we use it.
We hope to gather sponsorships for all initial deposits and only use the player's raised money for final payments.


This is primarily a Self Funded Program.

Each player will need to raise their own money to go on the trip to Portugal. We will have a firm price in May when we can get quotes for the airline and accommodation.

We have developed a series of sponsorship options of which we are aiming to raise $3000 per--player.
Our first two months will be spent focusing on making this a reality.


First Gathering, Sunday March 3rd, 9 am - midday

At our first gathering, we will be looking to introduce ourselves to each other and review everyone's tackle and contact techniques. Practice our skills through various games and 'model ourselves up' for photos and short video clips to help us attract sponsorships.

We'll finish the day sharing a meal together, and this will also be a perfect time for parents to join us and discuss the year ahead and the trip to Portugal face-to-face.

Throughout the year, we will organise 'master classes' from other professionals as well as topics like 'Getting fitter without fitness training' and 'Becoming faster without sprinting' along with tour-related planning, such as picking and designing our tour gear.



You must be born in Sept 2005 or later to qualify for the tournament. You need to be playing rugby in 2024 and be in years 10 to 13.

This is not a rep player group, but girls who want to learn and play the game. You are expected to attend all our monthly gatherings, be involved in future fundraising and be ready to take advice, apply it and evaluate it to help you be the rugby player you want to be.

For our part, it will be our job to create an environment where you want to turn up.


Tour Contacts

Darrin Robertson: Northcote Rugby
Anoushka Dallow: Northcote Director of Women's Rugby


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