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Rugby for life

Women's rugby is growing in participation, skill, and visibility, but there are still gaps in the pathways for girls to start and stay in the sport.

Often, girls start playing the game in their teenage years, and this can be a big step to take on a contact sport and continue with it.

Today, the number of girls playing means that teams are limited. Other sports can have five grades between the ages of 13 and 18. Girls rugby has two.

When it comes to leaving school and going to clubs, it's common that the only option is the open women's team, and that can be a big step up.

Our Program helps deal with some of those gaps and aims to provide extra stepping stones to help players in their first years and during those grade transition times.

We aim to help players enjoy the game, be injury-free and take it as far as they want to, and we hope to have them move into club rugby when it is their time. They may be players for a short period in their lives, but ultimately, we hope to create Rugby Supporters for life.

Our Team

  • 22 Players

  • 7 Schools

  • 6 Clubs

  • 8 Cultures
  •   350+ Supporters across 10 Countries
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Northcote U19 Girls Rugby Program

Our program comprises of girls aged between 15 and 18 across the North Harbour region, with each playing for their school teams in 2024.

The girls will be mentored throughout the year to ensure they are developing and enjoying their rugby as well as coming together regularly to develop as a group. The girls will be exposed to other professionals to give them an even more fantastic learning experience.

This is not a rep team, just girls that love the game
Our Team

The Big Dance in Portugal

In April 2025, we are entering a U19 Girls' Rugby team into the Rugby Youth Festival, which is held in Lisbon, Portugal. This is the 17th year of this tournament, which attracts 120 teams.

The tour will start by landing in Paris, where we will take the train to La Rochelle to play a warm-up match against the Top 14 club, Stade Rochelle U18 side. From there, we will travel to Lisbon and the tournament to pair up with a 'sister' team. We will share training and dinner and look to support each other during the tournament.

We are there to play rugby and represent NZ Rugby, our team and ourselves. But rugby is also about meeting new friends and people and experiencing new places.

Becoming Involved

A team is the players, management, families, and supporters.
When you support us, you join our team.

Sponsor a Player

Each player has a jersey you can sponsor.

$1000 gets your name across the back of the jersey as well and a copy of the jersey for your office.
While $250 will get your logo on one of the shoulders.

You can find an individual to support, or if you wish to support several players, we welcome you to reach out and let us know what you would like to do.

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The girls are already committed and on their way

This is an amazing experience for each of our players. The girls have already self-funded and paid for their flight deposits, and friends and families are backing them with fantastic enthusiasm. But an experience like this is more than flights and accommodation, and that is where you can make a difference in the experience they end up having.

We would love to talk to you about creating this experience for the girls.

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Enabling Sposnsorship

We have 22 players, and you can support each of them by donating $550 of which $25 goes to each player costs. It may not sound like much but it does make a difference.

You can also support an individual player directly. Find the player you wish to support and donate via their own sponsorship page.

Online donation to the U19 Girls Rugby Program.

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Our Supporters

Anoushka Dallow
Anoushka Dallow

Women's Rugby

At Northcote we are passionate about creating pathways for girls and women’s rugby so we are excited to back this tour!

Bryn Hall
Bryn Hall

Northcote Lad

It’s great to see opportunities like these for young women through grassroots rugby clubs

Bryn Hall
Danielle Harrison

Harbour Rugby

At Harbour we are pleased to see these initiates to support and grow our womens game.

22 Girls


This is not a rep team but girls that want to learn and play the game.

Youth Rugby Festival

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We would love to discuss you supporting our U19 girl's rugby program.
Contact me, program leader, at darrin.robertson@northcoterugby.nz