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Coach & Referees

For 20 years we have been repeating the mantra, "It's all about the kids having fun". So does that mean success is based on the number of water fights and ice creams had?

We don't have an early childhood degree but we do have got a lot of experience from coaches and referees that have gone through our club. We want you to start with as much of that experience as possible. We don't want you getting to the end of the year and thinking, "If I had known that at the start..."

We also look to have you pass back what you have learned at the end.

Most Important

Due to the COVID-19 lockdown and delayed start to the junior season, there will be no coach or referee courses this season. Instead you will be required to register your details online with North Harbour/NZRFU.

Registration Links

Click here to register as a junior coach

Click here to register as an associate referee

Learn to tackle sessions. 20 minutes at the club on field 1 for all players new or want a refresher on tackling

Wed 10th June, 4 pm
Thurs 11th June, 4pm
Thur 11th June 4:30 pm

See more details on our Key dates page

In House Courses

All coaches and referees are welcome. All parents are welcome. Actually, everyone is encourged.

Rip Rugby

Tuesday 9th June
7:00 pm till 8 pm
Upstairs at the club.

Tackle Rugby Course

Thursday 11th June
7:00 pm till 8 pm
Downstairs at the club.

Each of these courses aims to talk about the experience of being a coach. What to expect, what to care about, what not to care about. Its easy training well-disciplined obedient kids on planet Disney but here on earth what do you do? We go over the club philosophy of sports training at Northcote and discuss skills progression through the grades.

At the end of it, you won't be the world greatest kids sports coach but you will be confident about how to go about being the coach you want to be.