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Rippa Fridays

J8 & J7 Rippa rugby is a lot of smiles and laughs. But it is often the first year for a lot of players, coaches, managers and parents. Attending something new isn't always straight forward, especially for new coaches. So we have created our Rippa Fridays where, for 6 weeks, we help get you started. We organise a place to train, help get your team together and we have a committee tent where anyone, especially parents, can come to with any questions.

We also provide some weekly advice for coaches and managers about getting started and point out what to expect, what to care about and, importantly, what not to care about. We also have the club open and encourage teams to come in, socialise and get to know each other nice and early in the season.

Darrin and Paris


The first Friday night is the 16th of April. It is held at the club on the Harvey Wright fields. The school holidays are the following week but on the last Friday of the holidays, for those that can, we have the second night, April 23rd. This is followed by the next two Fridays on April 30th and May 7th. On Saturday, 8th May the first game against other clubs will start.

Your coach will organise what time your training will start and will let you know. We encourage a start time around 4:30 pm as that allows you to interact with other teams and run quick practice games.

Some Information

Each team will have allocated space on the field. These spaces will be marked out by a flag on field two.

J8 Maroon1
J8 Gold2
J8 Black3
J7 Maroon4
J7 Gold5
J7 BlackActually, we don't have a sixth flag but you will be next to flag five.



Information Tent

The Junior Committee will be there and be occupying the information tent. This is open to any coach, manager or parent to come and ask questions about anything that they want to find out.

We also have members wandering around the teams as they train. Meeting parents and helping out coaches.



Back at the club

We encourage everyone to come back into the club to meet, socialise and laugh about those first trainings.

This is of course a great way to talk with the coach and parents and allow the kids to run around with each other.