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Rippa Fridays

J8 & J7 Rippa rugby is a lot of smiles and laughs. But it is often the first year for a lot of players, coaches, managers and parents. Attending something new isn't always straight forward, especially for new coaches. So we have created our Rippa Fridays where, for 6 weeks, we help get you started. We organise a place to train, help get your team together and we have a committee tent where anyone, especially parents, can come to with any questions.

We also provide some weekly advice for coaches and managers about getting started and point out what to expect, what to care about and, importantly, what not to care about. We also have the club open and encourage teams to come in, socialise and get to know each other nice and early in the season.

But this season is a bit different and we must add to our health and safety measures to handle COVID.

Updated May 15

As of 15th May we have the below requirements to run our practice. This detail will change and we expect that is when the government makes it's next announcement around the alert level rules on 25th May.

Darrin and Paris


The first Friday night is the 29th of May. It is held at the club on the Harvey Wright fields. This is followed by the next three Fridays on June, 5th, 12th and 19th. On Saturday, 20th June the first game against other clubs will start.

Your coach will organise what time your training will start and will let you know.

Have Concerns?

If you have any concerns about starting training there is no requirement to attend. If you have any sign of sickness please stay at home.

Some Rules

Each team will have allocated space on the field. These spaces will be marked out by a flag.

J8 Maroon1
J8 Gold2
J8 Black3
J7 Maroon4
J7 Gold5
J7 BlackActually we don't have a sixth flag but you can see your place on the map

When you come to practice please walk down the middle of the field to your flag and area. Once there take a moment to wash you and your child's hands with the provided sanitizers.

When training starts there will be an area for parents to stand and watch but we will need you to practice social distancing. To help this work, please only one parent to attend the training. If it is possible, leave the fields while the practice is on. You can go and sit in the stand to continue watching.

When leaving the field we ask that you exit by heading to the outer edges and walk back around to the car park.


Contact Tracing

When you arrive at your field, your manager will be looking to record you and your child's presence. Ideally, if you can contact your manager beforehand and confirm your contact details then, on the night, it makes it much easier to tick off your presence rather than write down all your information.

All contact tracing information is recorded only for the use of contact tracing by the government and the records will be deleted after four weeks.


Information Tent

The Junior Committee will be there and be occupying the information tent. This is open to any coach, manager or parent to come and ask questions about anything that they want to find out.

There will be some social distancing markers laid out and we ask that you adhere to them and be patient.

Usually, we also have members wandering around the teams as they train. Meeting parents and helping out coaches. But this year we will not be doing that.



Other Changes

Usually, we encourage everyone to come back into the club to meet, socialise and laugh about the first training. But this year we will be encouraging you to head home. If it is not necessary please avoid congregating on the field and car park.

Another thing we will not be doing this year is organising games against the other teams to finish the training off but we will be encouraging coaches to look to split the team into two and play a small game amongst themselves.

Coaches will be instructed to wash the training balls and gear before and after training.

There will be no sharing of clothing such as training bibs.

Stay Home If you have any sign of sickness

We have some restrictions this season and we can't provide you with everything we would like, especially around socialising and getting to know new people. But we will strive to what we can and provide the kids a season that they are you will want to do again next year.