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2021 Tour Team

Every year we gather and invite all our school year 8 players to go on a rugby tour. This can be the last junior year for a lot of our players before they head off next year to college organised teams. This tour is designed to give them a final fantastic memory of being at the club and playing with friends.

This Year

This year the team will be heading to Queenstown during the last week of school on Wednesday the 22nd September returning on Tuesday the 28th. We will be looking to play a match or two against local rugby clubs for both the rugby and rip teams.

Fundraising Events

Bitchin Bingo

Bitchin Bingo

Friday 9th July - $30 per seat

Bitchin' Bingo bears little resemblance to the bingo of yesteryear. Sure there's the ball tumbler, a caller of the numbers and a range of prizes. But there the similarity to bingo as you know it ends. 

Mistress Viv, the Bitchin' Queen herself bears a resemblance to a newly emerged transvestite who just hasn't yet left the wider reaches of bling attire behind? Lofty heels, a hole in her tights, happily applied lipstick, and yes, that beehive.

Check out the table layout below to book a table for you and your friends at $30 per seat.
Payments should be deposited to

Then contact us and let us know your preferred table.

Confirmation and Enquiries

Bitchin Bingo Sold Out

We have a packed house.

Bingo Table Layout

How to Help

When ever at the Northcote grounds on a Saturday the Tour Team will be running the tuck shop and all proceeds go to the tour team.

As we organise other events we will update this page as well as sending out notifications during the season.

Jumping Girl
Jumping Girl

Tour Committee

The tour committee was formed by the junior committee in November after asking for expressions of interest and they are:
Mina Wharepouri - Chairman
Kerry West  - Secretary
Darrin Robertson - Treasurer/Rip Coach
Pam Dacy - Member
Lou Haira  - Member
Mark Robertson - Club Liason
Lyle Williams - Tackle Coach


The tour is for Northcote players who are in year 8 at school for 2021. If you are interested in being part of our tour, please contact us via the people listed at the bottom of this page.

If you wish to stay informed about the happenings of the tour team, its events and efforts you can join our newsletter where we will be promoting what we are doing and when we are looking for help.

Ski Field

Tour Team Contacts


  •    Tour Team Chairman
  •    Mina Wharepouri
  •    email Mina


  •    Tour Team Secretary
  •    Kerry West
  •    email Kerry


  •    Junior Club Chairman
  •    Paul Kenrick
  •    email Paul