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Playing Numbers

It happens. Some trainings, some games you just don't have many players there. Hopefully, it's rare but sometimes it can be regular. So what should you do?

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  • Last UpdatedMay 2020

You coach them. You take what you have, you adjust your plan and give the best effort you can.

It's easy to get frustrated and annoyed but whatever you do don't direct it to the ones that are there. They turned up. You may not be able to work on the larger game plan and team drills but this is also a good opportunity to work on finer skills with more one on one coaching. If you improve the skillset of the ones that are there then the overall skill level of the team goes up and you have done your job.

Avoid just running the players through some fitness work. That may only encourage them not to turn up next time. Focus on some passing and tackling techniques. Recreate that awesome All Black move. Practice a new skill. But don't waste anyones time. Especially your own.

If those players talk about the cool practice and start showing new skills it will hopefully encourage others to be there.

Game Time

What happens if you are short at the games. Don't despair and keep positive with the kids. First talk with the opposition. They may have a spare player or two and may also be happy to play with less allowing for running subs so their players get game time.

For your team, provide goals. "Let's not worry about ... But lets ensure we make as many tackles as we can." "Let's run that move off of every scrum we have in there half."


If you are having trouble with kids not turning up, reach out to the committee for help and advice. We can help by reaching out to the parents of those kids as well as talking to other teams that could help you out. Don't feel this is your problem to solve alone.