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Coaches Cup

Donated by Ces Jack for the Coach showing commitment and dedication to his/her team.

Mark Lendrum

In 2019 Mark brought together a brand new team of girls, many of whom had never played Rippa rugby.  Over the three seasons since then, he has taken that team from a bunch of novices to the most successful team in the Junior Club for 2021. As well as their success, U15 Black is having a lot of fun and have really gelled as a close-knit team.  This is all testament to all the time, effort and skill that Mark has put into the team.

Sharon Mills Manager of the year

Donated by the Junior Committee 2001 in recognition for the hard work and commitment shown by Sharon Mills, Junior Club Secretary and awarded to the manager showing commitment, organisational skills and dedication to his/her team.

Trudy Newman

Trudy was manager of J3 White and also coach/manager of J7 Black.  Not only did she have two teams running really well, but she also did it with a big smile and a friendly word.  That made new kids and parents instantly feel welcome at the Cote and part of the team.

Sharon Mills Cup
Refs Cup

Referee of the year

For the Junior Club Referee, voted by the teams, for commitment and fair refereeing.

David English

Paddy stepped up as referee for 15 a side J2 Maroon team - a tough grade to referee.  His dedication to knowing the rules and getting the calls right was a great asset on the field.  Paddy also gave up two Sundays to come down the club and referee at the Snow White and Ron Williams tournaments.

Morton Mug

Donated by H. T. Morgan for the Junior Club Coach showing the best effort for the Club other than coaching.

Darrin Robertson

As well as doing a great job coaching, refereeing and organising Girls Rippa at the club, Darrin took on the massive task of building a completely new club website from scratch.  This not only looks a million times better than a typical rugby club website but also includes huge amounts of history and information about the club (including both the senior and junior clubs).  This has been a painstaking job that has really shown Darrin's dedication to the Cote.

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Don Cameron Family Shield

Don Cameron Family Shield

For outstanding Family involvement in Junior Rugby.

Fraser Family

The Fraser family has become heavily involved with so many areas of the junior club at the Cote. George has coached for 4 years from J8 Rippa through to J5 tackle rugby and has been a popular and respected coach. Raelene has managed the team and has recently stepped up to the Junior Committee, taking over the increasingly important role of communications and social media.  Finally, Kieran has been a hard-working member of the team.  The combined efforts of the Fraser family has greatly contributed to the enjoyment of their team and the success of the junior club.

Bruce Blackett Cup

Donated by Bruce Blackett for the person showing excellence and people skills in Junior Rugby.

Geoff Taylor

Geoff has lived and breathed Northcote rugby for basically his whole life.  For the last nine years that has included a huge involvement with the Junior Club - as a coach, a referee and more recently as the Junior Club Captain.  In that role, Geoff has put in a huge amount of time and energy and has shown great skills in dealing with the players, the parents and the administrators involved in the game.  This has been particularly evident in his calm handling of any disputes, complaints or blow-ups that have occurred.

Bruce Blackett Cup
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Personality of the year

For the Junior Club Personality of the Year.

Maria Niven-Wharepouri

Maria has been involved with the Junior Club for around 15 years and has spent most of that time on the Junior Committee, becoming the longest-serving member ever.  Over that time she has been an ever-present contributor at tournaments, prize-givings, photo nights, fundraisers and all the other events that make a club tick.  Maria has always approached all these things with a bubbly personality that has made everything so much easier and more enjoyable for everyone else.  At the end of 2021, Maria is finally stepping down from her involvement with the junior club.  She will be missed.