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The Cote Cup

Awarded to the player who has come up through the grades and has consistently played to the highest standard.

A player who has represented the club in Rep rugby tournaments and who has been committed to practices and played with passion and enthusiasm.


Elijah Wharepouri

Eli punches well above his weight. He has followed in the footsteps of his older brothers in playing for the club and his parents are active members. He used to be a bit cheeky and after speaking with his former coaches used to let his mouth do the talking.  However, in recent years he lets his footwork and skills do the talking and has developed into a standout player leading by example at training and both on and off the field. Luckily his humour was never lost and often offered up some excellent one-liners of advice for the coaching staff. Eli has played for 9 straight years through every junior grade and has been a pleasure to coach.  He is held in the highest regard by the coaching staff and his teammates.

Junior Girls Excellence Award

Donated by Mark and Jodie Power for having played five years consecutive rugby.

Showing integrity, sportsmanship, leadership and commitment in all aspects of the game.


Paris Robertson

Paris's abilities and involvement in the game this year have really taken a step up. But what has earned her this award is not just what she has done for her own team but for others. Almost every weekend, she has put her hand up or asked to go help another U15 team (Gold or Maroon) who were low on player numbers. On one Saturday, she made an appearance on the field for three teams. She puts her best effort forward in each game, winning opposition player of the day multiple times and scoring 13 tries in one weekend across games. She is accepted in each team and works her best to help them out.

Girls Excellence
Club Shield

The Club Shield

Donated by Lloyd East for a Player who has shown their commitment to the club through junior years, commitment to the game of rugby, to achievements made, to past and present team members, and most of all the commitment to commit.

This award takes into account, years with the Club and Rugby playing history.


Toby Inskeep

Toby has played up through all the junior rugby grades, also playing Rep Rugby, when it existed. In the past few years his dominance has seen coaches opting for crash pads rather than engaging in direct contact, such is the power and strength he hits with. With his physicality at the breakdown and improved body position when running Toby was more lethal this year than ever before. The highest scorer in the forwards he was virtually unstoppable from 5m out.  He is also a positive contributor to the team group and developed into a natural leader.

Black Fern Trophy

Donated by Anoushka and Natasha Dallow for the girl scoring the highest number of points in the season.


Isla-Coco Hepi

Isla-Coco has it all, she tackles well, is one of the fastest players on the field and is learning fast that she can knock the boys over when she runs hard as well.  Her commitment to the team was epitomised by our last game of the season where she chased down one of the opposition players to save a certain try!

Black Fern Trophy
Captains Cup

Captains Cup

Awarded to a team captain who has shown an outstanding leadership role with their team.


Elijah Wharepouri

Although new to the role this year, he managed to successfully lead a team of players made from 3 teams, 2 clubs and some new players to the game. He lead from the front in terms of training attendance, fitness and was very highly respected by the players and coaches alike. He displayed great vision at reading the game and taking the opportunities when they presented themselves and was an asset to not just the team but the game itself.

George & Martin Driver Memorial Cup

Donated by George & Martin Driver for outstanding J3 loose forward, including attendance at training, and attitude.


Rory Koolen

Consistently the best tackler on the field, relentless in chasing down opposition players.  High Try scorer.  Big improvement in technique this year.  Contributes to training and team culture.

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Trophy PlaceHolder

Barney Eva Player of the Year

Donated by Barney Eva for the most outstanding J3 Player of the Year.

In 2023, the award was altered to be for the J2 player of the year.


Quinn Thompson

Quinn thinks about rugby 24/7. Quinn is a dedicated and positive person who performs at his best by giving his full effort in every game and at training.  He has been instrumental in developing the cohesion of our backline enabling ‘good running rugby’.  He shows great skills as a strong runner with the ball, tackling players including the ball to secure it, having a great step and is able to fend off the opposition. His skills in the game and his sportsmanship have been recognised multiple times by opposition teams throughout the season (6 of 12 games received opposition player of the day).  When Quinn has been given the role of Captain, he has been supportive and instrumental in rallying his team and respectful when communicating with the referee at the appropriate times.

The Rock

Presented by the Goldfinch family for the outstanding contribution a tight five player from the J1 team. Who has contributed to the team's performance by carrying the ball forward as well as all a tight fives off the ball tasks.


Seth Seu

A powerhouse with ball in hand. When he warmed up, he was good, but when he “fired up”, he was amazing. Proved to be the hardest player in the team to tackle, and when he gained momentum, so did the whole team. He regularly carried half the opposition forward pack on his back during one of his trademark charges through the middle of the field.

The Rock
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Whitley Cup

Donated by Ben Whitley for J1 Player of the Year, as selected by the Coach of the J1 team.


Lucas Lagaaia

A new player to the club this year he directed the backline to near perfection and lead upfront with some of the biggest hits. He was instrumental in carving up opposition backlines, shutting down opposition loose forwards and always making sure the team ran straight. The highest scorer for the team (2 points short of 100) and with a pass that had the ability to knock over spectators 10 rows back!

Team Player J7

For the J7 player displaying team player attributes.


Max Schofield

Max improved so much this year and always showed up and gave it his all.  A lot of the kids go to the same school whereas Max didn't know anyone from his school in the team.  The boys got a bit clique at times and left him out - despite this Max still turned up and played his heart out for the team.  Well done Max.

J7 Team Player
J7 Tacklers Cup

The Tacklers Cup J7

Awarded to a J7 player showing best future tackling potential.


Hadleigh Tucker

From our first practice, Hadleigh showed that he was ready for tackle and had to concentrate hard to get through his final year of ripper. He enjoys the physical contact and was never afraid to put his body on the line in the interest of helping his team to make a rip.

Most Skillful Player Cup J7

Awarded to the most skillful player across the J7 teams.


Harry McLauchlan

Harry demonstrated his potential week in and week out this season. He scored 3 tries or more in every game and his ability to mow down players on defence and get that important rip was second to none! Harry is more than ready to step into the tackling realm next year. What also stood out about Harry was his teamwork. He always shared the ball around and support his team. He was also the first to put his hand up to jump onto the opposition side when they were down players.

J7 Skills Cup
Madge Farnworth Memorial

Madge Farnworth Memorial Trophy

Donated by the Farnworth Family for the smallest player with the biggest heart.

All J8 teams can nominate a player and the trophy will be shared between the players from each team.


Leonardo Hay, Caitlin Doland, George Whitley