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Trophy PlaceHolder

Coaches Cup

Donated by Ces Jack for the Coach showing commitment and dedication to his/her team.

Jason Nicolson

Jason has had many such glowing nominations. He’s also in a small group of our coaches that has taken on a second team to coach and he’s nailed it with both teams. He merged a 15 a side team from a bunch of J3 kids, other kids who had lost every game last year and were low on confidence and other kids who had never played rugby at all. Along with his assistants he turned around a shaky looking team at the start of the season to one of the best in the grade and one that would go on to win the Defence Cup ahead of all other Cote teams. For his second team he gave a bunch of J8 kids their first introduction to rugby which had the kids and parents fizzing with little touches like the superhero outfits for the last training of the year.

Sharon Mills Manager of the Year

Donated by the Junior Committee 2001 in recognition for the hard work and commitment shown by Sharon Mills, Junior Club Secretary and awarded to the manager showing commitment, organisational skills and dedication to his/her team.

Carly Motley

Carly was brillant for not one, but two teams this year. She had the parents completely sorted and was in control on the sideline. She made the coaches job so much easier, with one being amazed at how all the stuff that she has sorted before he even knew it was a stuff that needed to be sorted. She did all the with enthusiasm and care and went way above and beyond – example like when parents were asked to bring a plate to the Ron Williams tourney, she set up in the kitchen and turned out awesome chilli con carne for the kids.

Sharon Mills Cup
Refs Cup

Referee of the Year

For the Junior Club Referee, voted by the teams, for commitment and fair refereeing.

Eric Galopin

Eric is not only a really good ref, but also really loves it. He reffed his own son’s team and also stepped up and reffed other teams. He gave up two Sundays to come down and ref for us in Ron Williams and Snow White tourneys. He was so keen, he went to the next level and qualified as a full North Harbour ref. Probably the smartest thing he did to get his hands on the silverware, he stepped in and reffed a couple of J2 games that the Junior Chairman would have otherwise had to ref, :-)

Morton Mug

Donated by H. T. Morgan for the Junior Club Coach showing the best effort for the Club other than Coaching.

Dan Doland

As well as coaching two teams he has been involved all over the show as part of both the junior club and senior club he sorted out all our signs and all our printing. Turned out for the Nobras to show the junior kids what not to do and what can go wrong when you don’t train and play like your coach tells you. he worked really hard to support the club’s bar profits and a really good bloke.

Morton Mug
Don Cameron Family Shield

Don Cameron Family Shield

Donated by Don Cameron and family for outstanding family involvement in the junior club rugby.

Williamson Family

About as Cote as you can possibly get. Three generations of Northcote involvement and commitment with two kids playing, one in rippa and one in tackle. Dad has been an outstanding coach right through all the grades and now at the highest level in the junior club and also the tour team. Mum a manager, tour committee stalwart and now stepping up to the Junior Committee. And grandad, a Cote legend, senior board member, club president and life member.

Bruce Blackett Cup

Donated by Bruce Blackett for the person showing excellence and people skills in Junior Rugby.

Debbie Thompson

The first thing to describe her - an absolute machine. A team manager for the last 7 years and has had those teams absolutely sorted. A few years ago, she took on the daunting role of junior club tournament convener. We host 3 tournies, each of which is a huge job. But they’ve been so well run. The feedback on those has always been brilliant with the kids and parents raving about them. She’s also been in charge of organising teams to Wairoa and Taupo. She does it all quietly with no fuss, but with genuine care for the kids and also the families. She gives so much of her time and energy so that all our kids get to have such a great rugby experience.

Bruce Blackett Cup
Trophy PlaceHolder

Junior Club Personality of the Year

For the Junior Club Personality of the Year.

Kim Yates

Kim been involved with the club for 10 years or so. She stepped up when needed as a coach, a manager, a junior committee member, a senior board member. She took on a huge workload, but is always so friendly and encouraging, with a big smile that often diffused tense situations. When tough situations needed good cop/bad cop, she was always the good cop and it worked. Acknowledged by the Senior Club at their awards night, now it’s rightly the turn of the junior club to acknowledge her too.