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Coca Cola Cup

Coca Cola Cup

Presented to the 15 aside team with the highest points scored.

J1 Maroon

A great result for a team in a really tough grade, where we’ve struggled over recent years. 521 points.

Silver Football

Presented annually to the junior team with most Championship Points (average) across all grades

Girls Rip Rugby U13 Maroon

85.8 points average per game

Trophy PlaceHolder
Trophy PlaceHolder

Defence Cup

Donated by Bruce Blackett and given to the team with the lowest points scored against them (on average) over the season of Saturday games, across all grades.

J2 Gold

21.7 points average per game

Sportsmanship Shield

Awarded to the team displaying the best sportsmanship on and off the field.

Presented by George R Villas

J4 Gold

This team played with adversity this year, due to squad size and various sicknesses and injuries they played every game with less than 10 players. Lost all 14 games but kept their composure, showed their supporters that they play with heart, commitment and most of all sportsmanship. These group of boys always left the paddock with a smile following each game. Not once did they ask the score and always shook the hands of the opposing team to congratulate them on the win, often found posing for the occasional photo with the opposition. The team had a number of other coaches comment on the spirit the boys played with and wore black armbands and observed a minutes silence in solidarity with a teammate who had lost a grandparent the night before.

Sportsmanship Shield
Trophy PlaceHolder

Jake Blake Memorial Trophy

Awarded to the Junior Team displaying the best Sportsmanship on the field, with acceptance of the rules and pride in appearance.

Boy’s Rippa U9 Maroon

This was a new team in a grade we’ve never entered before, with a new bunch of kids and a new coach. It didn’t take long for them to get the hand of it and showed sportsmanship throughout. It was noted that they respected each other, their opposition, the ref and their coach. They really supported and encouraged each other as they all learned a new game.

NBRUSC Junior Shield

Donated by Denis Saunders for the most successful Junior team from the season, across all grades (In relation to wins, losses, draws. E.g. W = 2, D=1, L=0)

J8 White

24 points 12 games, 12 wins, no losses

Trophy PlaceHolder