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Tackle Coaches Cup

Donated by Ces Jack for the Coach showing commitment and dedication to his/her team.

In 2023, this was extended to have a winner from the tackle teams and the Rip teams.


Donald Hendry

This coach has a good coaching technique that helped to increase the team skills and be competitive, is very passionate and a great knowledge of the game, He significantly improved our team. Taught them effective positioning and rugby-specific strategies. I hope he moves forward with this team. Big thing to come.

This Coach has turned a side that hadn't won a game in 2 or so years into a winning and very competitive team. As a result, the kids are having fun, learning new skills and finding confidence within themselves.

Due to his commitment to this team, he misses out on watching other children, which is a big sacrifice as a parent. Busy with his day-to-day but always makes it work. The kids respect and listen to him (probably cos they hate running diamonds) I know that the parents are grateful as he is the only person who put his hand up, and he's made such a major impact with our kids on and off the field, he is so deserving of this award.

Sharon Mills Manager of the Year

Donated by the Junior Committee 2001 in recognition for the hard work and commitment shown by Sharon Mills, Junior Club Secretary and awarded to the manager showing commitment, organisational skills and dedication to his/her team.


Julie Foster

The organisation, the friendliness and support on the sidelines from this person has been amazing. They make everyone feel at ease, and she's been there from the start, supporting everyone. When needed, they are great at delegating jobs and making everyone feel useful throughout the game.

They have supported the coach and we have really appreciated her dedication to the team and all the families. There is never a time when we've felt unprepared before a game and it's thanks to this person's team behind the scenes and also there on the day. Amazing team manager! Has such a loving nature and shows so much love towards all the boys. they are kind, fair and dedicated. Has put a lot of effort into the team spirit and always shows up with a smile. Has worked tirelessly to make sure the team is supported and everyone playing has equal time on and off the field couldn’t ask for a better manager.

Sharon Mills Cup
Refs Cup

Referee of the Year

For the Junior Club Referee, voted by the teams, for commitment and fair refereeing.


Matt Kaio

The person has been an incredible ref this year - always stepping up and helping! His patience, good humour and lovely nature have meant that all the games have been so enjoyable for the players, whilst still being taught the rules of the game and how to play properly.

This Person brings huge enthusiasm to each game, encouraging all the kids to do their best whenever he is on the field. This person is dedicated and always goes the extra mile. He even stepped in to help ref games at the Snow White Tournament, due to being a ref short on the day. The kids love Matt. He has a wicked sense of humour and a huge amount of energy. He's relatable and very personable. The parents love him too!

Morton Mug

Donated by H. T. Morgan for the Junior Club Coach showing the best effort for the Club other than Coaching.


Stephen Thompson

This guy is like some of us, has been ever-present at the club.  As well as coaching, he has also been at all tournaments from start to finish, helping with everything from setting up tuckshops and fields to frying chips.  He's also been a big supporter of the Senior Prems team all season.

This Coach will be a big loss to the Junior Club when he's gone next year.

Morton Mug
Don Cameron Family Shield

Don Cameron Family Shield

Donated by Don Cameron and family for outstanding family involvement in the junior club rugby.


Damian Johnstone, Samantha Johnstone-Price

What an incredibly dedicated family!! Both work full-time. They also have 3 young kids and every single week they are all on the rugby sideline cheering and coaching their team. We've been so lucky to have them as coaches and managers for the past 3 years. Their Children help in the kitchen at Prizegiving, their son who plays helps with the Tour Team BBQs and their youngest was pretty much raised in Northcote Rugby since the day he was born. Always on hand to help his Mum and Dad with the training bag and trolley. Can't say enough about this amazing family. They would totally be deserving of this recognition for their commitment and dedication to the game and Northcote Rugby Club!!

Bruce Blackett Cup

Donated by Bruce Blackett for the person showing excellence and people skills in Junior Rugby.


Mark Robertson

This chap bleeds maroon and gold, his favourite greeting is 'Hey fulla', only drinks 1 type of green bottle, is never short of an opinion or two and is always good for a laugh. He has given so much to this club over the years (lest just say 4 decades), Played, Coached Juniors, and Committee member. Hell he should be standing up here doing this, always willing to put his hand up to help any team out, never shy to step in unasked to provide support and guidance to Coaches and Kids, this year answered an SOS to Asst Coach a team and lets be honest folks it has got the maroon and gold pumping.  His son hasn’t played at the club for the best part of 8 years, but he still here supporting his club.

Bruce Blackett Cup
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Junior Club Personality of the Year

For the Junior Club Personality of the Year.


Matthew Chapman

He loves getting stuck in to help at training, at tour bbq and even helping with first aid at training of other teams players. Overall, he is an awesome guy