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The Cote Cup

Awarded to the player who has come up through the grades and has consistently played to the highest standard.

A player who has represented the club in Rep rugby tournaments and who has been committed to practices and played with passion and enthusiasm.


Tyler Wood

This young man started his Cote rugby journey at J8.  His positive attitude has left a great impression on all his coaches and teammates.  Although he is very hard on himself, he has shown resilience and perseverance to become first choice full back each week.   He has been a pleasure to coach and an inspiration to those around him.  He turns up to training and games regardless of if he fit to play or injured and helps out where he can.

Junior Girls Excellence Award

Donated by Mark and Jodie Power for having played five years consecutive rugby.

Showing integrity, sportsmanship, leadership and commitment in all aspects of the game.


Tayla Falconer

Shows great spirit and skill amongst a team full of lads. She has great technique and is very fluent in all aspects of the game. Not shy to take on someone bigger than her and has provided support at the tackle clinics for the girls wanting to progress in her footsteps. This young girl shows great sportsmanship and leadership on the field remaining fully committed to her team and gets behind and supports them.

Girls Excellence
Club Shield

The Club Shield

Donated by Lloyd East for a Player who has shown their commitment to the club through junior years, commitment to the game of rugby, to achievements made, to past and present team members, and most of all the commitment to commit.

This award takes into account, years with the Club and Rugby playing history.


Elijah Yabaki

This young man from J8 has had enormous talent, for example, running with a ball in one hand since from 6 years old.   As coaches, we cannot wait to see where this will take him.   He is always at training early, working on his goal-kicking or one-handed long passes (not coach-approved).   He has the skill, but does the receiver?   

He always wants to improve his game by asking the coaches questions.  He has an infectious smile, one that we all love to see.

Black Fern Trophy

Donated by Anoushka and Natasha Dallow for the girl scoring the highest number of points in the season.


Kathryn Grimwood, Elizabeth Grimwood

These girls both show huge promise in the female game. Both commit themselves to every tackle and are great runners of the ball and supporters. Both are team players and always support their mates. Both have shown through her dedication to the game they have grown to a level where they can help teach.

Both have helped out teaching the non-tacklers the technique through our tackle clinics recently.

Black Fern Trophy
Captains Cup

Captains Cup

Awarded to a team captain who has shown an outstanding leadership role with their team.


Fergus Mahan, Quinn Thompson

As Co-Captains (a back & a forward), the boys have led the team by example around the field, respectively questioning the ref to clarify a ruling and guiding their team when needed.   As coaches, we deliberately chose a back-and-forward captain, and our season results have proven we made the right call.

George & Martin Driver Memorial Cup

Donated by George & Martin Driver for outstanding J3 loose forward, including attendance at training, and attitude.


Rory Koolen

This boy is an absolute menace. He terrifies opposition forwards. He has won more turnovers than any other player in our team and probably as many as the other loose forwards combined.  He is quick off the mark, has controlled aggression and tackles like McCaw at his finest. He is made for the back row. He can transition from attack to defence in a second, and his competitive nature means no matter what happens to him during the game, he has the desire to get up and go again, overcoming a couple of tricky injuries during the season. We missed him when he wasn't there, further highlighting his importance to the team.

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The Rock

The Rock

Presented by the Goldfinch family for the outstanding contribution a tight five player from the J1 team. Who has contributed to the team's performance by carrying the ball forward as well as all a tight fives off the ball tasks.


Eli Brown

This young man has owned the front of the lineout. He played a loose lock. He has dominated being over the ball, which has contributed to our team going forward and provides the ball for the backs to be able to score tries.

Barney Eva Player of the Year

Donated by Barney Eva for the most outstanding J3 Player of the Year.

In 2023, the award was altered to be for the J2 player of the year.


Benedict Kenrick

The player has really shown his class this year. We could talk about the many tries and line breaks or the way he takes responsibility for the kicking duties and the way he leads the backline with his knowledge and experience. But the best example of why he has earned this nomination was his cover tackle against ECB White during the curtain raiser before the Prems game. 

The game finished 27-24 to J2 Gold, so without this player's never-say-die attitude, we would have lost the game and the bragging rights against a team that went three seasons unbeaten until that day. He was a good 10 metres behind the opposition winger when he broke the line. Ben turned and pursued him as if his life depended on it. He nabbed the Bays player 10 metres from the line, got to his feet, won the ball and cleared his lines. This lad has contributed so well to this team during 2023, and that tackle will live long in the memory.

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Trophy PlaceHolder

The Manaaki Cup

Donated by the Lotulelei, Smith, O’Sullivan, Jamieson-Ngamu and Tearii families for Girls U15 Rip Rugby.  Awarded for outstanding commitment to sportsmanship throughout the season, the player who will consistently uplift her team, competitors and supporters every game. (Manaaki - in essence, to support and care)


Lexi Yates

Awesome sportswoman. An injury mid-season, but still came to the games and supported her friends.

Whitley Cup

Donated by Ben Whitley for J1 Player of the Year, as selected by the Coach of the J1 team.


Quinn Thompson

This young man has been an outstanding player this season, he is skilful with being able to step off both feet, scoring tries, speed, tackling and kicking goals.  He leads by example, has great attuite at training, he is well-liked by his teammates.   He has an all-round game and he lives and breathes rugby and just loves being part of his team and Cote.

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J7 Tacklers Cup

The Tacklers Cup J7

Awarded to a J7 player showing best future tackling potential.


Mac Stanton

Team Player J7

For the J7 player displaying team player attributes.


Will Kaio

J7 Team Player
J7 Skills Cup

Most Skillful Player Cup J7

Awarded to the most skillful player across the J7 teams.


Marley Jones

Madge Farnworth Memorial Trophy

Donated by the Farnworth Family for the smallest player with the biggest heart.

All J8 teams can nominate a player and the trophy will be shared between the players from each team.


Oscar Armstong, George Donnan, Daniel Brown

Madge Farnworth Memorial