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2021 Tour Team

This year was the longest-running tour team ever. Our plans to go to Queenstown were fraughted twice due to COVID but eventually, we planned a great weekend in Feb of 2022 filled with activities and adventure. It was a great success summed up in one kid's comment, "I'm not sure if I would have preferred Queenstown or this."
Heleicopter flight

The Friday

HeleTranz and Snow Planet

Friday started with a pick up by coach at the club and straight out to HeleTranz for a 20-minute flight over Auckland. A great experience that few of us will ever have a chance to do again.

After the flight, our coach took us up to SnowPlanet for an evening of skiing and snowboarding along with a meal in the restaurant.


An 8 am start at the club and our coach took us all out to the Auckland Harbour Bridge Climb. A couple of brave souls also took a Bungie jump.

After that, we were back on the bus and out to Wero White Water rafting where the kids got to ride the rapids.

We then headed to the AUT campus and their pool for a swim and shout before heading to Game Over for Go Kart Racing, Laser Tag and Arcade games.

Go Karts


Another 8 am start with our coach taking us down to the Viaduct to catch our charter for a trip out on the water with Biscuiting, paddleboards and swimming.

After that, we went back to the club where we put on a spit roast for all the families to finish off the weekend.

Gotta Say Thanks

This was a really tuff tour in the fact that we constantly had to keep cancelling and changing plans but everyone was so accommodating and understanding and we were so glad to finally spend all that raised money on the kids.