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2022 Awards

For almost 100 years Northcote has been celebrating those who have made the club what it is. Our awards reach back to the earliest of days when the club was nothing more than a glorified shed and those that created growth of the club for the better of others.

Below are our awards, broken into categories.

Representative Honours

Nothing makes our club more proud than to see our players recognised and to be called up for higher honors

Māori All Blacks
Shaun Stevenson

North Harbour
Danny Drake, Hone Haerewa, Luteru Tolai, Nick Mayhew, Shaun Stevenson, Tim Sail

Ngati Porou East Coast
Joe Wadman

North Harbour 2nd XV
Arthur Allen, Aston Pickens, Jayden Marsters, Ryan Kennedy, Mike Noble – Forwards Coach.

North Harbour U19/20
Brook Robson, Rory Taylor

2022 Senior EOY
2022 Senior EOY
2022 Senior EOY
2022 Senior EOY
2022 Senior EOY
2022 Senior EOY

Team Player Awards

Most Improved Forward
Most Improved Back
PremiersMicah AishDylan Chesney
Prem 2Joshua AndersonBrandon Mahuika
U21Paula VeilofiaHarry Carter
PresidentsMatt GodboldJeremy Boyce